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Archigram Opera Pop Up Preperations Dennis Crompton back in the house VB 2014-12-05

Diploma 16 Jury VB 2014-12-16

eExchange Cross Unit Exchange By Tae Hyuk Kim, AA 5th Year Founder of AA eXchange VB 2014-12-05

First Year Jury VB 2014-12-16

Hooke Park Design and Make The Tetrahedron VB 2014-12-13

Hooke Park Design and Make 2014

16 Big Fish in the forest VB 2014-12-13

Intermediate 1 Jury VB 2014-12-16

Intermediate 11 Jury VB 2014-12-15

Maria Smith Studio Weave Lecture VB 2014-12-03

Working in the Library VB 2014-12-10