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AA Book Shop Liquid Power Book Launch

Erik Swyngedouw Eduardo Andreu Gonzalez 2015-05-18

AA Visiting School Exhibition VB 2015-05-01

First Year Students Working In Bedford Square Curating the collection of 64 objects VB 2015-05-26

First Year Three Day Workshops The Menagerie of Miscegenations, hosted by Manijeh Verghese Inter 11 VB 2015-05-06

Intermediate 2 Final Jury VB 2015-05-20

Intermediate 5 Final Jury Dark Matter and Trojan Horses VB 2015-05-22

Night School Book Club Dan Hill Eduardo Andreu Gonzalez 2015-05-19

TS High Pass Jury VB 2015-05-07

TS High Pass Jury VB 2015-05-07

Working in the Digital Prototyping Lab VB 2015-05-19