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Charles Brooking with the Building Conservation Students Byron Blakeley 2014-11-21

First Year Students vist the DRL Studios Theo Spyropoulos 2014-11-14

Hooke Park Design & Make 2014 15 presentations VB 2014-11-03

Hooke Park Design and Make 2013 14 Biomass Boiler House

Yingzi and Satta with their project nearing completion VB 2014-11-04

Intermediate 6 in the studio With Brendon Carlin VB 2014-11-18

Intermediate 12 in the studio With Tyen Masten and Inigo Minns VB 2014-11-18

Media Studies First Year Materiality of Colour with Antoni Malinowski VB 2014-11-25

Open Week Digital Prototyping Lab Workshop Self Replicating Machines Byron Blakeley 2014-11-04

Technical Studies 3rd Year Load Testing Event VB 2014-11-27

UniversalAssemblyUnit A Space Animation Studio Maria Jose Orihuela 2014-11-17