The Thamesmeduan Island & The People Palace

The basis of the project was to revitalise the decaying vision that was to be Thamesmead by reconnecting the town with the river Thames, by means of an Island . An Island that would provide the people with a town centre of vocal point, which was also robbed from the two due the towns unfinished state.The island would in turn bear on its back a space that would allow the local populous to celebrate and allow their own imagination to run wild. However the the island true heart, the core idea of the design, lies with the construction of the Island over a large stretch of time. Over decades and centuries, the trowel remoteness and objects of Thamesmead would be embedded in the body of the Island, making in a monument in progress.

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Project Summary Poem: The Bestowment of a Venerable Heart

The dream that was to be Thamesmead

The Reality that is Thamesmead

The Thames Upon Thamesmead (The View)

The Thames Upon Thamesmead (The Section)

The construction of the new with the old.

The Cathedral Bridge

The makeup of a cathedral

Clay Model - The Monolithic Mass of The Palace

The Thamesmeduan Island & The People Palace - A monument in progress