Thamesmead 1970 master plan build and failed on the Thames marsh, while the ground space became dead by clustering with privatized places such as garages which are misused. the ground space became useless and public place non existent. to revert the ground to the dancing ground, instead of the labyrinth in the myth of Ariadne. the modernist buildings need to be removed and in place with raised plinth typologies which will be the new infrastructure in criticism of the non existence Thamesmead town center and symbolically the new foundation for free ground and activities to return to the spirit of the dancing ground.

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Misuse of garages

Space segarations

Mythical drawing - dancing ground of Ariadne

Submerged plinth typologies

Oblique drawing of typical plinth

In plinth courtyard

Entrace to plinth


Transformation through the thames

20 years into the future - Thamesmead - Milton Keyens