Cuba’s existing socialist structure with planned economy seems to be insufficient and inconsistent, that it could not address its citizens’ economic difficulties. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba had experienced some stagnating economic conditions such as inflation and insufficient supply. During this period, a thriving informal economy(black market) has penetrated throughout the whole Cuban society. In order to survive, Cubans creatively recycled condemned goods or parts and reassemble them to make new products.

To evolve the failing socialist society, the project tries to preserve the current situations of black market network and the recycling culture rooted in the society, then build up a communal enterprise in local level. It is important for the government to anticipate in this situation started this initiative of creating this enterprise building(exchange hub) where the existing black market economy is consolidated, organised and made much more efficient. In addition, the proposal is for a socialist recycling factory within which the current informal goods bartering is systematised and made accessible to the public, as a measure towards the inequalities engendered by an imminent open market takeover.

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Exterior render

The black market network

Internet surveillance

The rationing of internet access in Cuba

Sharing economy as a new socialist strategy

Site analysis and mapping

The communal enterprise

The new server of the city of Havana

Recycling factory-the engine of the communal enterprise

Service exchange-making skill as a currency