The next Epoch: Algocene is proposed. It forms a new top layer of the Earth’s crust. It is 500 metres deep because an algorithm travels at 100 metres per microsecond and at 5 microseconds an algorithm becomes inefficient.

Algocene is a Megastructure covering the entire Earth’s surface. Construction requires five times the population of earth and more iron ore than is available in the Earth’s crust. Therefore a scheme of human farming and the mining of the planet Mercury is required.

Algocene’s internal environment becomes similar to a 3D printer, where, in response to the changing source of the internet, matter is moved to form the most efficient global system. The Megastructure provides a framework for movement. Through magnetic levitation, the servers gather around new sources of the internet to reduce lag-time for trading.

Insulation is robot-installed to isolate the algorithm from the human environment. A human landscape is 3D printed into the redundant space. An ecology of energy converters hack into the datacentre infrastructure to support human life in a parasitic condition. People living on this new landscape no longer have to work but pursue a life of pure recreation, all watched over by algorithms of loving grace.

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Urban Motherboard

Internet Physicality

Algorithmic Terraforming

Human Incompatibility


Algorithmic Temporality

Algocene Community

Server Love


Fight for Architecture