The complex system operating between the coast of Europe and the coast of China is reaching a state of stalemate. Alongside the appearance of continuous conflicts, a long going negotiation is happening within sector by sector, particularly visible at the interfaces between these coasts. The project deals with the relationship between the post-colonial city Hong Kong and its hinterland China that is now shifted.

HK used to be the harbour and interface connecting its hinterland with the rest of the world. Now, the Chinese Communist Party copied part of the capitalism model from HK and form a gigantic state apparatus to administrate cities along its coast. These cities are connected together, leading to the formation of new spaces.

These urban environments are actors of vast human, political and economic transformations. Each demonstrates how the change in human migration, global trade and knowledge production operate through the hybrid system of the Chinese and Western structure which has a very complex colonial history, entangled with trade and deal with religion.

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Model of Western and Chinese Instrumental School

Model of Western and Chinese Instrumental School

Chinese Imperial Examination System

Pearl River Delta 1985

Pearl River Delta 1995

Pearl River Delta 2005

Pearl River Delta 2014