The phenomenon of Isis forces us to re-consider how, within the Islamic world, religion is intersected with politics and education. How a religious dogma still could play an active role in the society, providing an imposed direction for Muslim's life and behaviours.
As critique to a simplifying vision that identifies religious integralism necessarily with terrorism, I am proposing a Qu'ranic Academy in Baghdad, a constructed island on the Tigris, in front of the International Green Zone. To face these phoenomena of radicalization, instead of exporting and forcing a different model of government, the best way is giving them an appropriate and contextual voice, addressing their dogmatic instances.
This Qu'ranic Academy is constructing a publicness based on an extremely rigid religious model, where the dogmatism is pursued through education and its different methodologies. Violence isn't physical, the violent act consists in strictly imposing certain beliefs. And in an obsessive geometrical and architectural unfolding.
Internalizing the symbolic and typological features of the Islamic Paradise and the Kullyesi, the Academy is conceived as a synthetic garden, essentially an accumulation of domes, water and geometry. An inhabited pattern, where the Iconoclast abstraction – pushed to the extreme – triggers and informs a new radical spatial imagery. Architectural violence.

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The Dogmatic Garden _ First Floor

The Dogmatic Garden _Second Floor

Religion, Politics, Education: US Training Camp and Isis Propagands

The Qu'ranic Academy on the Tigris River: Programatic Narrative

Typologies and Religious Symbolism: the Islamic Garden

Geometrical Obsession: Patterns and different Densities

Field of Domes and Geometrical Topography: Ceiling as an Architectural Landscape

A Constructed Island as an Inhabited Pattern

Layering different Domes: Geometry, Structure and Materiality

The Dogmatic Garden as an Accumulation of Domes, Water and Geometry