A Gentle Resistance
A gentle resistance is an intentional commune for the exiled polygamous Islamic community, the Obedient Wives. An external image constructed with exaggerated scales of impenetrable American Puritanism forms, shields its settlers from the ever growing American Islamophobia. An internal system with gradients of different ornamental lattice densities transition between American and Islamic motifs underlines the emergence of this new community: that is an overlay of different existing cultures trying to co-exist.
Interstitial spaces are carved into the interiors that envelope the tension between the comfort of the known and discomfort of the unknown when the wives of this community liberate themselves from the shackles of dependency on their husbands in a rare new space for a rare new community

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X Marks the spot

The Obedient Wives Club

A Device of Control

Dissolving the solid wall

The Bathhouse

The core

Congregational Space

Just another mark in Marfa