Fossils as Time Travellers

5 years ago the fossils of 6 whales were discovered in the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth. These creatures are relics of an endless ocean that has long since receded, an archaeological record of a lost age almost unimaginable today.

In 2015, after the Dakar rally motored through the Bolivian Salt Flats another beast died. Surrounded by a crowd of avid fans one of the race cars, at high speed caught a wheel, flipped over 4 times and came to rest. At the birth of the electric age this cult of the petrol machine, a fleeting moment in the geology of the planet is at its point of disappearance. Natali, in our Intentional Fossils Lab has built a structure designed to preserve the car crash as it travels through geological time, carrying with it the message of our oil obsession. The crash becomes a monument to petrochemical culture a record of the horrors that we once carried out in these precious landscapes, a reminder to future generations of our history of destruction. We once powered our world from the decomposed bodies of dinosaurs.

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Far Future Salar De Uyuni

Structure Construction

Decay Process


Decay Far Future

The Intentional Witness / Fossils as Time Travellers Animation

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