Large Sub-Pixel Array.

We understand the world though the images we take of it and our constellation of luminous screens create experiences just as real as any other. In our Department of Instagram Archaeology Patrick has created a landscape within the fabric of the LCD screen itself, a site formed in the canyons of the sub pixel, a territory that can exist nowhere else.
The strata of this landscape is an ever-growing mass of 5.4 billion pixels and the 60 000 annual Instagram updates of the Salar de Uyuni in Boliva, one of the most photographed sites on earth. We look out across this hashtag horizon, it stretches 7680 pixels long and 6044 pixels wide. We take our first footsteps though the sand of pixels, they shimmer and their RGB hues burn our eyes. Black roots crackle and tangle our feet as we walk, 18 power cords and 15 VGA cables stretch across its surface. The weather is flickering at 60Hz and the cooling fans struggle to keep up. The atmosphere thick with pixel dust and the buzz is incessant. We travel though the screen to this site formed of technology. It is a virgin territory, rarely seen but it is a landscape we live most of our lives.

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LSPA - part I & II

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