Mythic cities have long been projections of what we value most in the world. El Dorado is the city of gold that has promised to fulfil our wildest dreams since the 16th century; Sierra de Plata was a lost city rich in silver and lost to the waves was Atlantis a utopian city of knowledge and wisdom. Our contemporary utopias are now filled with the promise of renewable energy and solar power shines bright in our future like the gleaming gold of El Dorado. In our department of Speculative Energy Kassandra has drawn up plans to sacrifice the entire country of Chile in order to power the planet from history’s largest solar farm. In the tradition of the mythic city the Solar City of El Sol is an ambitious Ecotopia built on 727 272 square kilometres of Chilean land. Spanning from the Atacama desert, the driest place on earth that receives the most direct solar radiation, is El Sol’s shimmering skin of 463 billion mirrors individually angled towards 13 873 concentration towers. 17.6 million solar punks embrace a life-long profession as mirror cleaners who work around the clock to harvest the golden rays bestowed upon the endless farms. Millions of sacrificial roasted birds become part of the celebratory culture of this new civilisation. If El Sol is the manifestation of our wildest dreams of limitless green energy then is this mythic territory a collective dream of tomorrow or a lost city of yesterday?

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Mirror Cleaners

The lifetime profession of solar punks

Mirror Field by Night

Solar punks out in action

Scorching Roasted Birds

City of El Sol

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