<>The islands produce a new nature,
::: Landscape, agricultural land, estuary typography, wetland geography and new moving landforms,
:::The physical overlay of 4.5 million tonnes of Crossrail tunnelling onto Wallasea and its 115 hectares intertidal zone are the site,

/The island bricolage. Makes 18th century Stowe Garden a moving architecture within the constantly changing intertidal zones of Wallasea Island,

/Alvise Cornaro’s Venice Islets of ideal gardens, visual utopias of nature and culture are also bricollaged into the grand blank canvas of Wallasea’s intertidal zone,
air fire water electricity
pontoon pontoon service shelter engine

1739 Stowe Garden – Yves Klein Air Dwelling – Nikolai Fedorov – Geological Club – Acqua Alta – Venice Lagoon – Southend Pier – Peter Blake Dazzle Ship – Christo Jeanne-Claude – Humpry Repton Landscape Gardening – Richard Long – Mark Fisher of Pink Floyd – Yves Klein Eden – Colour Field – 1769 Stowe Garden – Wallasea Island

/20th century had been and gone, leaving considerable aesthetic confusion in its wake, and the one day people would go harsher surroundings when looking for beauty,
Experiments in living, utopian spirit: work on the land is necessary to the life of man in a way no other work can be, and working landscape create their own aesthetic,

[]Under the paving stones, the marsh,
[]Above the paving stones, the beach,

()Yves Klein: Pulsed air - to protect against the rain, the wind and atmospheric conditions in general and create thermal air conditioning,
Stowe: would be so much easier to understand, if only the buildings would keep still,
Why can’t we move buildings with as much ease as we do picture?
Alvise Conaro: to lend scientific dignity to a hypothesis, prefiguration or even utopian improvisation!
Nikolai Fedorov: it is instead to convert or transform the natural, to bring reason to it, carving out a larger and more hospitable environment for life!
By erecting giant cones on the earth’s surface, people might be able to control the earth’s electromagnetic field in such a way as to turn the whole planet into spaceship under human control,
captain and crew of spaceship earth.


Could architecture being introduced as a by-product from immaterial and material artistic response rather than a prudent solution?
Could architecture being based on old and new theories from Venice, Stowe Garden and Wallasea which not only focus on architectural, but also landscape, geological, geographical, agricultural and cosmic interpretation?
Could architecture being regarded as a forward looking retrospective?
Could architecture being expressed by moving hand drawing?
Could architecture dare being retained with a Non-Finito gesture, however insufficiently complete?
Could architecture become a true process of bricolage?
Could architecture retain the gesture of dilettante?
Could architecture give soil/earth a shape or an improvisation? – Crossrail tunnelling: digging 118km railway line produced 4.5 million tonnes of soil and put 3.4 to shape 9 of 9 hectares islands with thickness of 3 metres of earth.
Could architecture take air proofed landscape garden seriously? (Yves Klein, Stowe, Repton…)
Could architecture still taking responsibility for experiments in living and utopian spirit?
Could architecture inform a heterotopia?

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Welcome to Island 1: Yves Klein's Blue Stowe

26/06/2015 10:00 high tide
from Landing Tube, Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, UK

Although what you are about to see is a work of architecture, it should nevertheless be played at maximum volume.

Blackwater Broadcast: Islands within Wallasea Island

BoQ (Selected Bill of Quantities)

BlackWaterEstuaryEssexPneumaticSpaceStationColourFieldMarshSoilConveyorStoweGardenReptonRCYCDrainageAirRocketVeniceAlviseConaroEdenYvesKleinCosmicFedorov: Architecture as New Nature

Night View Axonometric of Detailed View of Landscape


Plan of Detailed View of Landscape

A Bricolage Rpertoire

18th Century Stowe Garden * Venice Lagoon with Alvise Conaro Islets * Southend-on-Sea * Wallasea Island = New Geography = New Landscape = New Architecture

Island 1: Section of Landform Component

Left to Right: Air, Pontoon Support, Connection and Fire

Plan of Island 1 in Cruising Mode/ Subsurface Plan of Island 1 in Hibernation Mode

Island 1 and 2 Cruise to Southend-on-Sea/ Island 4 and 5 Cruise to Clacton-on-Sea/ Island 6 and 8 Cruise to Osea Island

Lifting Jack Rail Infrastructure: Docking and Rotation Behaviours

Enter the Cosmic Void without Return