This project is trying to embrace the unintentional gestures that is filled in our contemporary life. The unintentional gestures is precise language for emotions. And the architectural ornaments is the highest level of solidification to enable the heritage of gestural language. In this way, an Carnival in Burnham-on-Crouch is challenged to be read as an accumulation of gestural information.

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The Unintentional Gesture

The unintentional gestures filled in our very current life are able to pass really precise emotional information.
Take example of this particular posture. This emotion of it is inherited from the unknown soldier to Jesus to the shepherd and to the lady on the tube.
Through the different medium of solidification that certain posture

The unintentional gesture Carnival

An annually based carnival event is challenged by reading it as a method of accumulating the gestural information.

Gestures of the Town

The gestures of town,belongs to the town can become the Guy Fawkes they are portraying.

Gestures of the Town

The gestures of town,belongs to the town can become the Guy Fawkes they are intimidating.

Possession Plan of the Carnival

Four moments highlighted through the journey.
Which is the accumulation on the high street_ embarkation from the land to the river_arriving the island and_ the moment of sacrifice

Accumulation of Town Gestures

As villigers’ actions accumulated Through the carnival years.The postures .Are getting solidified…
These portraits of burnaham crowd start to accumulated on the high street surface…

Moment One Accumulation on the High Street

These portraits of burnaham crowd start to construct the new form of town facade…
They are moulded into different materiality each year to have different time length impact to the audience crowd.
Material Include 3d print, fat , soap etc…

Moment Two Embarkation from land to water

At the embarkation momement, during the waiting process of leaving the land, series of pier poles are being experienced. And tidal effects_ birds are become important factors for the carnival experience too.

Ariel View of the Carnival

In the Carnival season. history of the town accumulated this way to document its past emotions.
A more honest past with more honest emotions…