This project examines the contemporary state of architectural production. Today we consume Architecture via images that have been enhanced and distorted to create a perfection that seems unattainable. Sadly, these images are mere flat fictions that do not convey the spatial complexities of the world around us.

While we accept the conventional forms of architectural communications to imagine unbuilt architectural space, our eyes have been trained to believe that a photograph is a true representation of reality.

Communicating architecture has moved from an act of persuasion to an act of deception. Because of that, Architecture’s identity is stuck in plotless fictions produced by the endless cycle of disposable and relentless glossy images.

This project takes the very space of architectural production – the image factory, as its point of departure. This factory operates as the Architectural object and produces its own image and subject – an Architectural Selfie.

The project aims to deliver Architecture as Architecture and not as an idealized image. It rejects the preciousness of the rendered, photoshopped moment and builds instead, the true version of the image.

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The Image Factory

Cindy Sherman Factory of Selves