The factory examines architectural production. Architecture as a discipline is strictly dictated by individual authorship. I am interested in this action of appropriation which imply an action of copying and erasure. This project calls for a form of collaboration which make space for exchange fragments.. I advocate for a modus operandi based on sampling as architectural production. It is not a singular process but a collective assembling line. The factory becomes a didactic instrument in which the factory/the city becomes as a benevolent source of random but carefully selected information, a profusion of references carefully assembled.These drawings depends upon the complexity of its parts, which collectively may not only check each other but protect the individual in this collectivism. The factory becomes a symbol of fraternal order, a grouping of the equal and likeminded, which collectively assumes the power to negotiate its freedoms.

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The workship of RB

The Nativity

Dante, Olivetti and Rhino

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas

The last supper

The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand

The assumption of Mary

The machine of authentication

The assembling line

Design with beauty, built in truth

Factory Patè

The factory here is a machine of authentication, which need to copy and appropriate in order to work.