An ongoing gentrification process transforms the London Terra into a series of enclosed areas and islands of investment, under the jurisdiction of non-civic organizations. Occasionally subcontracted by local authorities to further improve business environments generating further investment, the power London needs to remain a super city.
However, change does not affect only its physical fabric but also its social.
Citizens are transformed into subscribers and others.

When current development strategies suggest a single faceted investment driven type for an urban space that lacks the plurality of their context.
The Inclusion of the city becomes critical!

A new type block development aims to create discourse between city and development by internalizing the street.

How can we strategically create a positive adaptation; a sequence of spaces that generates density of territorial overlaps and incomplete form, a system that would allow growth both socially but also economically for the future of London without territorial expansion?

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Londons Gentrification

London Needs Powers To exist

OCD City Section


Your Right To Space Membership

Physical And Social Axo

Block Plan Level 4