Can the insertion of city-like junctions, change the nature of the modernist estate? Can the concept of junction secure the future of Churchill Gardens, by taking attention away from the development in Nine Elms and counteracting the fear of development within the Estate?

Junctions as insertions in Churchill Gardens provide architecturally significant points, which mirror those found within the city. Likewise, the project considers the overlaps of power and control within a 2km area anchored on the estate. Constructed situations allow for social settings, which take place amongst the backdrop of these geometrical points.

Variables such as time and government legislation, along with the current development strategies, were therefore reassessed. Three connected insertions placed in various locations could then give way to a new Neighbourhood Development Plan under the Localism Act 2011. As such, it counteracts all past proposals, which in turn secures the future of the modernist estate.

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Social & Physical layering of the site

Summary Drawing

Junction Case Study

North / South Divide

Reinventing the modernist estate

Junctions as insertions

Urban Section

The Shrine

Variables that can change space at street level.