An attempt has been made to insert focal points for the city to transform the life within the Pimlico estate of Churchill Gardens.

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Churchill Gardens Estate

Identifying variables that build up the current social and physical structures of the estate.

Group Territories - Live

Looking at the different groups in the surrounding areas. Looking at the different territories and potential conflicts in overlaps.

Severing the Locality of Legislation

By removing the locality of Section 106 and CIL payments we could use the money created in areas such as Nine Elms to fund projects in Estates such as Churchill Gardens

Proposed Plan

The proposal was to Insert a series of Focal Points for the city and to create a new city route or thoroughfare through the Estate.


The various Architectural Insertions were Community, Leisure, Administrative, Service and Tourist points.

Community Centre

The community Centre located within the courtyard of Churchill Gardens.

Administrative Insertion

The Administrative building will create a decentralized approach to the Estate by encouraging all the governing bodies related to the estate to have a on site presence.

Administrative Insertion - Plan

Showing the complexity of the social and physical structures that will have been created and have been transformed with the insertion.

City Route - Section

The City route running North - South through the estate.

Group Route - Section

The Group route running East - West through the estate.