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The Individual | The Group | The Community

The project is an investigation of the physical and social mechanisms of control of 3 subjects that exist in the city: the individual, the group and the community. Mechanisms that range from the technology of electronic tagging, invisible boundaries of bye-laws to physical barriers such as a wall.

Constructed Situation | School Mechanisms


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Constructed Situation | Byelaws

Construct Sections

The physical structures, the bye-laws, the control mechanisms and the operation of the school are the space of the school.

Construct Plan

The insertion of the structures of the school are fragmented into the estate, blurring the territories between the enclosed spaces of the school to the open spaces of the estate.


The structures of the school are linked as a continuous sequence of spaces based on time and activity.
Before School children with yellow vests using the secure routes which are protected by bye-laws, lighting and other physical mechanisms. Or by arriving with the school bus to the internal courtyard where a teacher is on ground and a community watch.
Using the restricted pupil entrance from the internal courtyard where the school guard and the headmaster are to the raised walkway into the raised enclosed structure where the classes are taking place. Than to an outdoor activity.

08:30-09:00 Sequence

Hybrid spaces

The physical and social structures of the school are overlapping with the estate public realm, creating hybrid spaces. A courtyard is a playground and a school children access with community watch and school staff on ground. Internal street is a byelaw, a school bus lane. A public square is a school event space. The insertions are transforming the estate physically and socially.