Timeless Co-existence : Uncovering the Ground of Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is one of the last brown field sites in the heart of London that awaits redevelopment. From the Victorian prison to the now privatised Royal Mail, Mount Pleasant has always been an isolated territory and the proposed development is yet to divide the site even more.
As a response to the future development plan, the project recognises the hidden reality of Mount Pleasant and questions how historical values could be used as a means to achieve a new urban typology and make changes to the scrap & build development pattern today.
By rediscovering the footprints of preexisted buildings and future development, it articulates the importance of the Ground in the city. Through a series of excavating, cutting and inserting processes, a network of fragments and proposed spaces would be situated across the landscape and constitute the new ground as the framework for the future development to come along.

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Fragmentation of Existing Royal Mail Facade

Exploration of cast in-situ against existing facade of Royal Mail building

Exterior view of Royal Mail Sorting Office

Proposed landscape

A network of fragments and proposed spaces provide a set of rules and guidelines for the future development to come along

Section between old and new

The proposed landscape lies between old and new while rest of the volumes are given to the future development

Cast Fragments

Concrete fragments taken from historical layers would provide structural support for future development and vertical connection around the site along the linear passage

View above and below linear passage

Juxtaposition of elements around concrete fragments

Proposed library

Potential programmatic volumes to be inserted between the existing façade and Royal Mail, while ceiling of this proposed space will be articulated by the housing volume above

Taxonomy of proposed elements and exposed fragments

Overall landscape