Off Into the Woods They Go!

The increased population, depletion of natural resources, and destruction of natural environment had jeopardized the balance of the entire planet. In 2050, the city of London had expanded into its maximum density capacity. Lands are becoming scarce and precious, humanity are desperate to find a new ground and new resources to survive. Personal Carbon Allowances (PCAs) had become the dominant currency.

2050 will be the era of biological manufacturing. This is the world where materials are no longer made, but grown. Everything from homes, food, and textile will be biologically designed and grown to accommodate the human population.

It was prior to this era when humanity started to speculate a whole new agenda of "Forest Living". The threshold between architecture and biology was explored, bringing in a new conversation of Re-generative architecture as a means of future living.

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1. Clusters hovering above London Greenbelt

The forest of the future provides a sense of escapism and remoteness but still very much embedded into the network of existing urban fabric.

2. Living Units

3. London Expansion : Re-Mapping the Brown and Green Fields

4. Tectonic and Material Research

5. Section

6. Cluster + Units

7. Urban Sample

8. The Era of Drones + 3D Print Construction

9. Physical Model Exploration 01

Architectural scenario where the transition between architectural tectonic and structural condition to space-like condition is tested.

10. Physical Model Exploration 02