Some of the changes that have come about, especially in building construction, have been help the new way of lifestyle living.
Scientists and architects are working to bring innovation and to establish a lifestyle based on necessities and not commodities.
The new type of lifestyle allow the people to invent a new way of constructing reflecting the idea of useing minimum resources in short period of time.
I called it Lean Community.

The proposal uses fabric as a form-work in order to create the shell. The fabric is controlled by the people useing a tailoring technique this allow the users to shape the space they live in.
Stitches are introduced in order to control density and direction.
After that cellulose insulation is injected in the fabric.
Doing that people can control the amount of material used for construction but also the time to build it.

The community in the future is based on two different type of spaces. The first is the private area “living unit“ is divided into sleeping, cleaning and relaxing spaces. The second is a communal area where social activities takes place.

This new type of lifestyle is manifested in the architecture with the low resources use but also the time allowing people to interact with the new location in a completely new way.

Communities will grow and change much quicker than what we are used to be. Cities will be created in few month with low energy consumption that will be counterbalanced by the material used for bulding opening regenerative transformation in the 2050 new cities

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Tailoring Architecture

Construction Manual

Unit Elements

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Environmental Analysis

100x100 Urban Sample

2050 Living in the future