This project is a creation of The Second London for long-term future by building-up geological scale of self-support vertical urban systems as well as generating various biomes inside one tower.

In terms of a condition of contemporary natural environment, the earth is heating up, being flooded because of climate changes and its speed is accelerated as time goes by. People have to escape surface of earth as well as consider new way of inhabitation in the sky.

Densified urban life is absolutely our destiny in the future. Thus, this project starts with formulating compact units which can make people use multiple surfaces as a habitable area by rotational process. By introducing water and green into this prototype, this basic unit prototype will provide optimized territories in the compact unit as well as give new type of water-based aquaponics garden system for Londoners in the vertically densified circumstance.

1) LONDONERS’ DESIRE OF GARDEN – The core of socializing field

Horizontal expansions triggers horrendous land price in London. Thus, Londoners are deprived of their socializing fields, Gardens. In relation to this, the basic prototype of habitable unit applies transformative unit systems which can be rotated and opened. This rotational Habitable Unit (using 4 surfaces of house) is 4 times more efficient than conventional housing system. This means that it can create bigger areas on the same area of footprint so that these emerged territories can render water-based special quality of New Gardens; Aquaponic Garden to Londoners.

The fundamental system of floating garden city is aggregation of water self-sufficient towers by Aquaponic Garden system which recharges naturally wasted water (rain water, tidal water) and human waste water. They collect this water and circulate it inside tower with continual purification process by gravity force and membrane structure installed in the water ponds so that this purified water is circulated in the tower with bring-up Londoners’ private garden as well as providing regenerated water resource. Unusable water is regenerated to create next generation of garden.

Thus, Londoners will regain their socializing fields as well as will build up better sense of community with neighbors in the floating garden city.

2) CUSTOMIZED URBAN SYSTEM – The integration of living and working for more lossless life style

The basic prototypical unit is comprised of Light Weight Plastic Modules Assembly System (2 x 3m, one module is around 80kg) which enables mobile house as well as fully customization. This mobile and modular assembly system makes people create “Customized Community” and provide enhanced locational choice in the future. This can be achieved by the core system which delivers each module to create new house clusters as well as purified water which facilitates unit rotational process by its buoyant forces.

Thus, by the modular and core system, people will lives their preferred people and location in the vertical city and it is possible to integrate living and working so that people can have more free time to have socializing and private time in the water-based garden and water front area instead of suffering from stressful conventional commuting paradigms.
This is a kind of Noah’s Ark. This is not just building. This is Geological proportion of artificial Landscape. With the proposed architectural interventions, by geological scale, all different biomes, climate zones, biodiversity, species, plant life are going to exist in this Tower of London.

Therefore, this prototypical project, Tower of London will substitute whole world in the future.

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Tower of London

Location plan

Site plan

Rotational unit prototype

Unit + Water based garden

Unit prototype plug-in growth

Cluster level 1

Cluster level 2



Tower of London