'Air In-between'
- The Latent Politics in Post-Scarcity Economy

How do we build a novel society with only air and timber? A mathematical condition that replaces formal geometries establishes an inhabitable transition of in-between scales (oscillating among 'individual', 'domestic', 'collective' and 'urban' scales). The novel relationship formed between people inevitably requires high degree of self-entrepreneurship and innovations.
Reinventing structure defines the infrastructural inversion of this new society, whereas dissolved boundaries curates social interaction and negotiation that forms the operational characters by materializing the invisible: air and thermal behavior

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London up in the air

A field condition and counter-masterplan to all the derelict industrial sites in London

The Latent Politics of the Air In-between

To infinity and beyond

Infrastructural inversion

A silent revolution of every day living as production against the Carbon Economy. An infinite air plinth and landscape as a political instrument.

Counter master-plan

The battle of context: project as an architectural detail that decompose and reconstruct the existing, novel technologies becomes social and urban device