Energy Regenerative Community is a new form of urban prototype designed to tackle issues for East London expansion. The investigation of the project focuses on infrastructural and architectural intervention that will reinforce resource exchange through a various of energy resources and further activate a new way of living - Collaborative Consumption Lifestyle . This will be achieved by 1. re-associating the value of a house with its own productivity 2. introducing collaboration as a means to generate surplus energy 3. a new form of economy generated through the consequences of the first and second point that would satisfy its own supply and demand. Energy Regenerative Community can therefore be seen as an instrument to bring all the elements of life together and provide opportunities to maximize individual interests and innovation. The final outcome is expected to set a regenerative model for future urban expansion and enhance the quality of living in future inhabitation.

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London Plan

Barking Riverside

Future Living Scenario

Unit Development

Cluster Typology

Urban Sample

Environmental Assessment

Barking Riverside Overview

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Energy [Re] Generative Community