The project is to create an integrated socialization and cultural space in order to cope with failure of cultural space in contemporary China caused by the social and political system.

In the communist China, either the publication or the library system is under strict censorship. So public library has always been an arena for political propaganda. This project tries to address how could the public library become a public space with more freedom and real knowledge exchange under this censorship. To create space for accommodating greater informality, library could then become an arena triggering knowledge exchange through collective gathering which may possibly be resilient to censorship.

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Socialization Core View

Form Generation

Outdoor and Indoor Assembly Form

Research for a collective configuration to facilitate assembly

Integration Axo

Form Integration Model

Onsite Reconfiguration

The propaganda and non-propaganda collection should be separated into two library cores and the size of two library cores reflects their political position. A socialization core between two libraries isolates the propaganda collection. The two socialization cores then become the converging area which decentralizes the organization.

Exploded Axo

Intermediate Floor Axo

Sectional Perspective

Library Core View

In the library, the shelf system is no longer important because the library is dominated by propaganda. There is no rich range of books. Therefore, by creating more communal pace, the library can become an arena for people to discuss what is not on the shelves, where there is no way to be censored.