Airpocalypse _ The Inventory of World Resources Designing a Blue Sky

The study of the atmosphere represented a great revelation towards my architecture future. Through the development of Airpocalypse project I had the chance to work with high level of scientific data and trying to see how this data can be transform in new architecture parameters. Moreover, my project is based on the ground of the new new Epoch we are living in - the Anthropocene. Now it becomes harder and harder to distinguish between natural and artificial. Therefore, I developed a platform to test the potential of artificial photosynthesis and the creation of new bio fuels.
The proposal finally took shape in the form of a sculpture and iconic tower, which will use the new geoengineering techniques : carbon capturing, cloud seeding, haarp - induction of electromagnetic waves in the ionosphere, to control a volume of 1.43power10 of the atmosphere and to create a new blue sky.

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Transition from natural process to artificial one

Waves and communication exploration of the atmosphere

Particles exploration of the atmosphere

Interactive model Atmosphere testing

Concept drawing Design of a Blue Sky

Airpocalypse Tower

Cultivation of pollution particles

Recording and monitoring the pollution levels

Haarp antennas interference