Above the visible physicality of our surrounding landscapes, lies a reality of the senses. What we do not see, we feel. Therefore how do we inhabit this sensational dimension of space? There is a transference of knowledge and experience via the invisible architecture of our atmosphere. The elements that create this architecture are: temperature, humidity, light, sound, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. How can we design in response to our senses at particle level where our body, landscape and atmosphere are in constant flux and transfer information from one to the other?

Through the method of primary data collection of these 6 elements & through the use of the Smart Citizen Kit sensor, a visual technique was developed which blurs and combines the realities of the datascapes created from the recordings with the landscape of Tenerife, Spain. Thus creating a contemporary dialogue between body, atmosphere & technology where an architectural experience of atmospheric consciousness emerges. The person becomes an activist within the island as it breathes through data.

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Reality Landscape of the Senses

As we add and remove the layers of the visible physicality of our terrain what we are left with is not a virtual reality but the actual physical reality of the invisible, of what we feel, of what we experience, which is this atmosphere.

SCK sensor + 6 scenarios

Using Smart Citizen Kit to record 6 elements: Light, Humidity, Temperature, Carbon Monoxide, Sound, and Nitrogen Dioxide;where data becomes the language in a dialogue between 6 scenarios, body, landscape, atmosphere and technology.

Dialogue between Scenarios

The particle experience of Temperature, CO, Sound + NO2 through a dialogue of the senses as the boundaries between atmosphere and landscape are blurred.

Light Scenario | Fireworks

During a 2.5 hike through Masca Gorge in Tenerife the body triggers a fireworks path according to motion proximity in relation to Lux levels in the deep gorge. A heightened experience of the sight sense as the pupils dilate in dialogue with light.

Six Scenarios

Sequence of 6 scenarios: the participant is the capsule of knowledge where through each scenario is layered within the experience. As one travels through the journey in Tenerife a transference of knowledge and experience occurs. The tourist becomes the activist.

Light Scenario

Fireworks experience versus its language of data through dialogue between landscape, body and experience.

Carbon Monoxide Scenario Testing

CO through an envelope of death versus safety. Visualizing the scenario through a conceptual model where the CO natural gas is pumped below 800m at Teide Volcano national park, and the participants only way through the park is at this crossroad, between a fatal skin and a safe enclosure. The experience of gases is heightened.

Nitrogen Dioxide Scenario

NO2 - Tenerife airport
The air traffic of No2 is recorded by the Sensor and the color fest in response to No2 levels is activated.
This is the experience I see the participant to be immersed in as part of the No2 Scenario.

Sensational Landscapes Datascenarios

The island of Tenerife breathes through the layers of sensational landscapes created from primary data collection of light, humidity, temperature, carbon monoxide, sound and nitrogen dioxide. Where they merge and blur the boundaries between landscape and atmosphere.