Ethical Gold Hy_Breed
Gold usually means extravagance. However, based on current scientific research now gold can prove life changing due to its catalytic properties.
The uncontrolled spread of illegal mining has rapidly deforested 40% of the Peruvian Amazon, resulting to the damage of the environment and endangering public health with pollution.
A proposed technology will be initiating the basis of ethical gold extraction where golden nano-seeds will be created and then will extend through the natural feeding of the amazon birds.
Air and water will be filtered_miners will be healed_nature will be restored.
Architecture has always been focusing on the enclosed space. Me as an architect, will be working with air as my basic ingredient together with this new technology. Architecture will be influenced and then formed in a particle level, at the extended amazon biome, creating a growing, repairing and moving ecosystem.

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Gold Hy Breed

Ethical Gold: Retrofitting Nature and the Employment in the Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Amazon context Analysis

River Meandering Transformation Analysis

Peruvian Amazon context Analysis

Bird Migration Route Analysis

Peruvian Amazon Human Intervention Analysis

Pollution Growth Rate Analysis

Existing Gold-mining Pollution

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Gold Hy Breed Intervention

Interface Distribution Route Analysis

Section 1:100

Retrofitting Informal Employment




Landscape Regeneration

Human Scale Interface Retrofitting Nature and Employment in the Peruvian Amazon

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