Spaceship Mind: Quantum Entangled Migration to Exoplanets

The thesis explores the use of quantum mechanical phenomena (quantum entanglement) as a method for humanities survival and expansion into the known universe.

By using the scientific properties of light and photons, the architectural system enables the possibility of faster-than light communication across space-time with the help of seeds that travels at the speed of light to reach their destination.

The key goal of the project is to migrate (either digitally or at the macro scale) to earth-like Exoplanets with atmospheres similar to Earth's.

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Earth as Oasis in Space

What if Earth would become an oasis in Space with clean and free energy?

Tracing Alignment with Planets

Space is a dynamic system. Tracing Earth's alignment with other planets provides a roadmap for exploration.

Global Military Space Powers

Three global superpowers with military Space programmes and their ambitions.

CERN Site and Underground Tunnel

Sitting 100 meters underground in a tunnel 27 km in circumference - is the largest physics experiment in the world. The Large Hadron Collider.

Quantum Superposition Effect

The quantum superposition effect is key for quantum entanglement and a quantum communication system. The only known natural phenomena that breaks the speed of light boundary.

Through the Wormhole

The Einstein / Rosen bridge (or wormhole) is a short-cut through space time. By using quantum entanglement, a hypothetical digital wormhole is established between Exoplanets.

The Internal Components of the Quantum Entangled Seed

The Quantum Entangled Seed is 45 mm in length, 15 mm at its widest part and weighs around 50 grams.

The Exterior of the Quantum Entangled Seed

The Quantum Entangled Seed is clad in a carbon nano tube shell with embedded graphene for durability and cooling.

Nine Types of Quantum Entangled Seeds

These nine types of Quantum Entangled Seeds have been developed in detail with different cargo modules. They carry - blood, air, music, all the worlds data, avatar, acorn replicator, e coli replicator, DNA samples and a bank of agricultural seeds.

The Atlas of the Seed Masterplan

The mission to the Tau Cet e Exoplanet takes 12 light years. The infrastructure requires a solar energy source to be established around the heliocentric orbit of the sun and a Seed Beamer Satellite. The Seeds are fired towards the Exoplanet and they travel with swarm intelligence to avoid obstacles and reduce friction. Once the Seeds have landed a digital wormhole through space-time has been established.