Embark on a journey on foot or through a trail of thought, find a path and get lost. Hit a dead end and go back. Loose track. It is not about emotions, it is not about memory. It is about observing. Observing until there is nothing else to take in.

My journey started with a book and in with this book 4 quotes.

“concern yourself with what divides the town from what isn’t the town” – (image 1 and 2) This sequences of photographs was produced along the side of the roads composing the Roman Centuration of Lugo and its surroundings documenting the vanishing point and its distortion.

“I like walking in Paris. Sometimes for a whole afternoon, without any precise goal, not really haphazardly, or at random, but trying to let myself be carried along.” - (video) The viewer is introduced to an individual’s trail of thought. The Follower takes on the experience of the followed.

“The activities of the day correspond to slices of time, and to each slice of time there corresponds one room of the apartment.” – (image 4-6) The staircases are seen as an obstruction to the continuity of the Mobius band and have been replaced by ramps. - Plan and section of a reinterpretation of the Mobius house.

“Bit by bit, as if by chance, without your having any right at any given moment to declare that you had remarked anything like a transition, an interruption, a passage a break in continuity” – (image 7-10) Framed between the train ant the tube, Borough Market, can be vertically organised according to the factor of speed. The central floor then delaminates towards the extremity to create platforms dedicated for a coffee break or longer promenades between the stalls.

Quotes extracted from Georges Perec, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, 1974

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Strait ahead

in the morning curve.

Become a flanneur

and go on a Promenade.

Follow the circulation and articulation

on a seamless inclination.

Map senses and thoughts

define and redefine space

within an inside with no outside

choose a path.