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Storyboard of '1/8 freedom'

1/8 freedom

She is charlotte, she is a ballerina and also a perfectionist. In this film, I was trying to capture the pain, tiredness and the fact that perfection strips away her identity. When I relate these sensations to my own experience, it brought me to the tube station tunnel, where one feels no identity but following the never ending fluorescent light above your head...

Sensing light

What if light could provoke a sensation?

Maison Studekton fabric model

Maison Studekton

“The house is a machine for living.”

What if the facade could stretch out, not only changes the opacity of the building and degree of privacy, but also the quality of lighting?

Program guide

Can we treat a public space as a TV program where multiple programs are happening at the same time?

Redesigning proposal

Potential new programs

Programs are organised according to the spatial quality that each cut provided.