an obituary for the pre-printed city, a cautionary tale of the increased use of 3d printers.
A catalog is distributed to all citizens, new disposable constructions replicate known forms and famous buildings. Each can be reproduced as object, furniture, room or building. There are over 30 Eiffel Towers (today,2015). In Catalog City your coat rack can be an Eiffel Tower. Cities begin to lose their identiy and suburban sprawl expands.
Buildings of the historic pre-printed past were raised on pedestals. Graveyard / Museum. Inaccessible new skyline now as photo opportunity.

moving to the CLOUD and you can have whatever you like:
In Manhattan space has become the most valuable possession. Our objects fill these small apartments with little storage space. Shoes shelved in the unused oven. Banks have a monopoly on the city, now on nearly every street corner. In contrast to the rapid development of these branches, the scale banking has gone online. These banks on each street corner stand empty. The cloud storage system allows homes to become empty of possessions, objects now stored in bank vaults. These objects become like bank notes, only held onto for a certain amount of time. A new social network of exchange. You don't own anything but you can have everything.

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historic buildings are raised on pedestals, new skyline as graveyard/museum. Seen from swimming pool where bathing has become tradition due to increased pollution.


city view: buildings as objects

new constructions

famous forms are recombined as new constructions liter the city.


the range of scales offered

catalog city

CATALOG CITY ----> now available

now available



moving to the cloud and you can have whatever you like:
with views into windows of residents apartments


interiors had become so crowded with purchases

object as currency

objects became like bank notes, only held onto for a certain amount of time


user 36 : turns his apartment into a full length pool for a week


the city goes to sleep, where dreams are made of anything they want