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Villa Saraceno

Looking at the projections of light during a night photography workshop.

Villa Saraceno, Italy

Compilation of sketchbook pages

Pages in the sketchbook holding information about the site chosen for investigation.

Staircase over AA Archives, 32 Bedford Square

Axonometric of Staircase Fragment

Axonometric depicting the paper model of the fragment of a staircase.

Colour Chart

Extracted colours from the Golden Lane apartment.

Articulating Points of Interest

Two watercolour sketches depict sections of interest in the survey of the Golden Lane apartment.

Colour Study Model

Remodeling the atmosphere experienced during a 24h stay in an apartment in the Golden Lane Estate.

Hooke Park

Observing surroundings in Hooke Park through a watercolour workshop.

Artificial Light

Capturing the atmosphere experienced during a 24h stay in the Golden Lane Estate. Artificial light coming from office buildings across the street refracting through rain drops on bedroom window.

Hotel New York

Looking at a derelict building through its windows and its surroundings. Layering and intersecting paths.

Trap Table

Proposition for a table which automatically spills beverages, thus creating uniquely patterned skirts.