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Wire model investigating geometrical shapes

Light studies in 351 Crescent House, Golden Lane

Colour palette of entrance doors found in Fitzrovia

Collecting rain water to achieve balance without human intervention needed

Showing the mechanism of the hybrid structure

Showing how the facade did not vary its appearance over time: grey parts showing the replaced bricks

Old Middlesex Hospital outpatients wing until 2006 - Union Strand Workhouse
44 Cleveland Street, Fizrovia

Juxtaposing chaos in Kings Cross Station with the static nature of the portable working station

Survey studying where my mum works in our flat during a period of 7 days

Pop-up chairs to allow more flexibility in a space

Metaphor of modern alienation

Showing the alienating aspects of nowadays working conditions. Juxtaposition of elements such as toilet rolls and stacks of books with technology into the bathroom in order to create a new working space in an odd environment