Being a year of viewing our surroundings with different perspectives, I isolated the stairwell of our school, a laundry bag, a daily object, and studied them in various conditions. I also touched upon nostalgia and re-explored my past in the military, re-enacting several army positions as well as illustrating them visually. That also led me to think about the transient nature of our existence, and how our lives changes so rapidly, hence the following work depicting what it is like to be living in different cities all the time.

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Isolated Stairwell

Negative Space of Laundry Bag

Subtraction Cutting

Two flat pieces of cloth sewn together, creating volume and designs after material was cut (subtracted) from them.

Juxtaposition of Military Past and Present

By burying the photographic work into the exact location for 7 days where I took it, I intend on adding an extra dimension of locality into it. (7 days being the longest period we spent in the forests during my military exercises)



Leopard Crawling: military manoeuvre to avoid enemy fire.
Ways it can be perceived.

A Day in London

Attaching GPS to myself, I identified the modes of transportation I took, as well as the exact locations I've been to.

Hidden Dimensions

Capturing changes in shadows with time and the movement of the sun.

My Transient Self