How does one actually show you the world that they see?

A picture speaks a thousand words, but the thousand words only show you one point of view – a fleeting moment in our already very short daily lives.

Branching out from the notions of ‘Encryption’ and 'Translation', I sought to find modes of representation that transcribes entities – music, space, objects, and my experiences – into expressions that capture their entirety.

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Behind the Letters

Hidden meanings within messages...

Visualising Spaces to Reflect Dimensions

Moments in Space

My Day with a Bathroom, Storeroom and Balcony

Speculation of how the spaces are direct translations of my experience

All around. All at once.

Capturing all faces of Recorder and Strumming positions simultaneously through movement

A New Manuscript

Representing sounds through levels of pitches

Visualising Music

Movement Range of beads to represent sound

Overlapping Shadows

Depicting the external shadows cast by texture of Metal Railings

Boundaries as Forms

Charting limits of shadows

Light Falls...

Attempt at capturing atmosphere through close-ups of model demarcating shadow boundaries