The Foundation course has been a year of looking. Noticing from the most obvious things; texture, colours, cracks, to things that are more oblivious to most of us; the spaces and human usage within each volume, voids, light and shadows as well as context. Through the 3 briefs we were given in the first term, our visions expanded from examining a fragment, to curating our own route in London, leading us to the second term where we investigated our own interests with cultural objects brought from home. There were several things my interests led me to explore at the site I chose in the Porteus Road underpass; colour, reflection and patterns. How one could pattern and leave marks on their body and how reflections, light, and colour could be a means of patterning to connect different cultures. A trip to Hooke Park then allowed me to experiment further the idea of scale and perception as well as combing the idea of movement degradation through time as my partner and I created a hybrid structure of a pendulum and a picture frame.

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Colour Samples Collage

Abstracting colour sample photos of my site in the Porteus Road Underpass in a colour to create an overall glimpe of the space.


Investigating the multiple reflections created in the underpass as one travels through the passage.

Hand Patterning Mechanism

Exploring ways of patterning my own body

Hand Patterning Mechanism

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Leaving body impressions

Using different medium to create patterns and leave marks on my body.

Basket Weave

Deconstructing how a traditional Thai "Kratip" is weaved and reconstructing one myself.

System Lateral Collage

Exploring the term "System" as a rhythmic pattern of time, emotion and functions as it decomposes with disruption into disorder of chaotic anxiety.

Pendulum Frame

Studying the motion of the pendulum frame, a hybrid of a pendulum and a picture frame my partner and I created in Hooke Park. It's movements and the scale of each frame side were our main points of interest where the structure is positioned to look like a complete frame from one particular perspective.

Usage of the 44 Great Arthur House Apartment

Quantifying the usage of the 44 Great Arthur House Apartment in Golden Lane over the 24 hours period our group occupied the space.

Scenes in the Apartment

Using photography to portray light as a source through an object and refracted into shadows, as well as investigating composition and how different lighting colours can effect the atmospheric mood.

Creating My Own Reflections

Using reflective material and use of perspective to create my own mirror and reflections in my site.