Driven by observations of contrasting oppositions and clashes within the landscapes and driving powers of Texas, the project comments on the duplicitous manoeuvres of oil corporations such as Exxon and imagines the boom and bust of Iraan, TX through a process of historical rewriting and a reverse engineering design process, all triggered by the realisation that oil will be extinct in 90 years time.
By setting up a new scheme though which the bust of the town will be controlled right at the time of its boom, the project envisions an alternative town expansion, one in which the architecture is specifically constrained by its "ruin".
Thus, Iraan in oil-less america of 2120 will become an archipelago of markers - fossils - that carry on a distorted vision of the past architectures that had been attached to them. Yet another duplicitous action, but one that offers the possibility a mediation between the industrial and natural landscape - and a chance to explore the never-before understood intricacies of the desert.

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