Houston, Tx is both the energy capital of the world; with over 5000 energy related firms, and the 2nd highest consumer of energy in the U.S, bar Dallas, Tx.

41km East of Houston lies ExxonMobil Chemical Co; the largest privatised refinery in the U.S. It produces 3% of world’s oil and 2% of worlds energy.
 The City of Baytown sits beside the ExxonMobil plant and the city is practically derelict. Left to rot in the wake of the refinery.

The proposal is an Anti-Battery in Baytown.
The project is concerned with notions of energy consumption and corporate greed in the U.S and the inevitability of a ; white elephant.

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exxonmobil chemical co.

emergency shelter in place kit

typical housing ; baytown



1000m x 100m x 200m

downtown baytown


Royal purple Raceway Drag Strip
San Jancito Shopping Mall
Wet n' Wild Baytown
Lakewood Church
La Quinta motel + Girls Girls Girls strip club