The design of the Energy City will be a response to Houston’s development in relation to the energy industry and in its transition from a traditional Euro-American city to a city of ‘a third generation’.

The Energy City, revolving uniquely around oil and its corporations, will produce an intensified prototype of Houston that will set the base for a critique on its urban, architectural and corporate development, on the excess of this development and on its potential failure.

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Houston, TX

Keystone XL pipeline - Gulf Coast Project - Houston Lateral Project

Mother Tank

Phisical and conceptual center of the Energy City

Corporate campus landscaping

Spine based development

Corporate wall

Expansion towards Peak Oil

2015 - 2050
Linear, centrifugal and centripetal expansion

Veritcal development

2015 - 2050

The Energy City at Peak Oil

The Energy City at Peak Oil

Energy Plaza