My project explores the clash that arises from the expansion of the industrial into the non-industrial. The drawing on the right forms part of a series, which speculates on the clash between the industrial and non-industrial architecture in Manchester, Texas. The project is about the hybridisation of these two typologies and the architecture that arises from it. The work is a critique to the relentless expansion of petrochemical industry along the Houston Ship Channel. The focus will be on the condition of fenceline communities. These communities are adjacent to an industrial plant and are affected by the noise, odours, chemical emissions and traffic it generates. In order for Valero Energy Corporation to expand into the fenceline township of Manchester, the corporation and the community are finding a compromise, in which Valero Energy Corporation reuses derelict refineries, to create public facilities for the community of Manchester.

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Crude oil refining components

Left to right: Oil depot, Distiller, Heat Exchanger, Furnace, Atmospheric pipestill, Vacuum pipestill

Relationship between Industrial and non-industrial

The american photographer Walker Evans documented in Pennsylvania, 1934 the great depression. It was then, when he had taken the shown photograph, in which he had juxtaposed the industrial and domestic. My project is based on this observation of these two typologies, the industrial and non-industrial

Middle School, Manchester - Valero, TX


1. Middle School
2. Hospital
3. Church
4. Museum
5. Waterpark
6. Mall
7. Baseball Stadium
8. Fire station
9. Library

Plans & Sections

These drawings are from a series of plans and sections. The parts in turquoise indicate the existing refinery parts that have been reused. The areas coloured in red are showing parts that have been newly added to the building.

Manchester - Valero, TX / Plan

Section through Manchester - Valero


This drawing shows the slow consumption of the community of Manchester, TX by Valero Energy Corporation. Reading from left to right, the domestic disappears and the ground gets saturated by the refinery.

Apartment blocks

Due to the saturation of oil refineries, the residents are forced to move. As a result, the domestic is clustering around the refineries and creates a new typology that is a hybrid

New fenceline community

The township of Manchester has been completely consumed by Valero Energy Corporation, turning the bordering neighbourhood into the next fenceline community.