My project is a border city on the superhighway. I purpose to accelerate current conditions by connecting the borderland to a Super Highway; condensing the border with all its physical and social layers, into a mini-city. The borderland will no longer become something negative, I use its benefit into something positive.

Its scale is infinite as it is in constant growth. It is a system where the architecture become irrelevant. Its bigness exhaust architecture, it is unplanned with no hierarchy. The system enhance events to interact with each other to create new events. It is an organisational system that encourage an infinity of potential deroutes, this will not only create new events, but also shape existing events from the border land when plugged in to the system.

The aim of the Super Highway is to see the limitations of architecture to change politics. This project uses infrastructure to transform the existing border conditions of US/Mexico. From Mexico through the US, towards Canada, the Super Highway replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by superimposing an architecture of blur and fluidity to translate the meaning of border conditions and spatial policy in todays age.

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Plan Super Highway

Services are dispersed around the main structure of the highway and are linked to blur program, legality and division. The system encourage detouring into an infinity of potential routes.

Site Val Verde, Texas

Fig. 2 Hospital Axonometric

Fig. 2 Hospital ward

Fig. 2 Hospital Plan

Fig. 2 Hospital Movement of Elements

Fig. 2 Sweatshop Axonometric

Fig. 2 Sweatshop Body Movement

Fig. 2 Sweatshop Plan

The Wall

Early, possible design intervention lead to the superhighway, but rather than divide or exclude the countries by extruding the border line into a solid block, a wall; I propose to accelerate its current condition by connecting the border land to a Super Highway.