The Project, explores the possibility of creating a barrier between the Gulf Islands (Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula) of Texas and nature.

The Islands, form the barrier to the oil infrastructure that produces 2% of the world’s oil.

Hurricanes that have historically ravaged the ‘Carcinogenic coast’ and wiped out temporary leisure architectures on the coast line, are seen as ‘the other’.

The Project is a series of interventions along these two islands, that together form a barrier or ‘wind wall’, against the hurricane, which is politically seen as ‘the other’ in its relationship with Texas.

The nature of this undertaking, although megalomaniacal and absurd, is very Texan response to this problem.

The barrier, and its meanings (and how they transform) are further investigated through each intervention, and speculations as to how people adapt to them.

It is an attempt to augment the geological barrier of the islands with an architectural one, which is in direct confrontation with not just the physics of the hurricane, but of the idea of a devastating natural force.
The Architecture is therefore a manifestation of the absurd Texan whim of ‘Resilience’

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Texas, Galveston, and the Hurricane.

The Polemic of rebuilding, the absurdity of the existing architectures.

'Tabula rasa'

Highly concerned Oil corporations, devastated Texans, patriotic Americans and the Opportunistic Insurance Companies come together to build this barrier, different parts are built and maintained by different entities.


The project is a series of 30 interventions, along the 90 km coastline and highway that runs through the length of these two islands.

Wind Wall

Configurations of the wall and highway.

Functions Push up against the Infrastructural barrier

As the Boundary is created by the 'wall', It begins being inhabited, and appropriated, for leisure.

Sky Beach

As the beach is lost on the creation of this boundary, it is replaced on top of the wall.

Hurricane Bunkers and Viewing Galleries.

When the hurricane actually strikes, there are the hurricane watchers and twister chasers, who actually celebrate this confrontation with nature. Drive in bunkers, and viewing galleries and platforms are designed. Here these architectures sit in a contrast to the temporary residences.

The phenomena of the hurricane is appropriated as the spectacle.

The Monuments.

Even at the moments where the wall is not required, the idea of the boundary is still maintained.