Historic built fabric exists as container for embedded meaning and information spilling into collective and individual memory.

When this information saturates the space it occupies and this same space find itself not capable to allow for any further modification or reuse, the collapse of the built fabric into senseless containers is opposed by an operation of reduction to the minimum quantity of information necessary to still retain identity.

If the reduced fragment has a rigidly fixed form and scale, the collection and recomposition of disparate fragments into an absorbent environment complements the longing for a unitary enclosure and the production of new identity.


If involuntary memory is fragmentary,
then recollection is composition,
weaving of fragments,
invention, genesi and novel.

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Manor House Reduction

Manor House Fragment

Built Fragments

Charity Gates

Bocce House - Plan and Section

Bocce House - Interior View

Tennis House - Plan and Section

Tennis House - Interior View

Race House - Plan and Section

Race House - Interior View