The Transients – no borders, instant culture-

“the Transients” is a group of craftsmen from different regions in Sri Lanka, that travels
through the land in carnivalesque train carriages during the monsoon season.
On this journey goods can be produced and sold, skills can be exchanged and workshops can
be given. The carriages are designed in a way that they can come off the traintracks, unfold
and squat space instantly. Once the monsoon season is over, the whole train comes to
Colombo, where it became fabricated and the end of the rains is celebrated with a large arts
and crafts fair.

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train travelling through Sri Lanka


train off the tracks


arts and crafts fair in Colombo


the Transients


the Actor

model in 1 : 33


programmatic models for the site in Colombo

When I remember Atlantis

A walk-in installation dealing with the question of land ownership and experience