xTaddas speculates and imagines the crossing and hybridization of two communities in Sri Lanka: the urban Tamils and the indigenous Veddas. This intersection is driven by circumstances where they cross paths in Maduru Oya National Park, 288 km from Colombo in an alternate timeline of 1983. It is a speculation of the consequence of their convergence and confrontation, how the crossing of two distinct communities could arise in tension and dispute. It also envisions how the architecture, along with its integration with the natural forest around, could demarcate and segregate pockets of spaces yet allow and facilitate interaction to occur.

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Cursed | Wonderland

Absurdity Amplified | Disorientation & Liberation

Fragmented Facets

Collection of experience of journey through London

Fragmented Facets

A collection of experience of a journey through London where different buildings are passed and fragments memorised. The fragments are then juxtaposed together to create bizarre hybrids, generating my individual image of the city, a facet of London unique to myself. The composition and configuration of these hybrids thus creates my very own London Wonderland.


Convergence & Confrontation

Intersection | Crossing

Maduru Oya National Park

Indigenous & Urban

Extraction of essential traits of the Veddas & Tamils for reinvention and reinterpretation

Overview of Complex

Paths, Dispersion, Wind

Relationship of Thresholds

Interior & Exterior, Forest & Architecture

Hybrids: Ongoing Process

I: Living for Veddas
II: Cultivation
III: Living for Tamils

Alliance / Discord

Captured in a moment in time, segregation is presented along with an opportunity for further interaction

Testament of Interaction

Through inhabitation, interaction and exchange between the communities, the initial hybrids get further hybridised