We can reduce the concept of Skyline to just that, a line, creating a silhouette an instantly consumable irreducible, instantly read version of the city. The desire for this type of instantly consumable image has proliferated in Society since the advent of social media. We can unpack the information buried with in this simple abstraction and use it to create an idealized city, reconcilable with this desire for the instant representation of an idealized life. Using the system of top-down, autocratic control that created the Paris we know today the city is absurdly re-arranged. This is led by the movement of its monuments and according to set of carefully selected, individualized logics. Under the pretext of creating a panopticon for the tourist we cut new Avenues through Paris, pulling away the pastiche fa├žade, both revealing the lives behind and the nature of how Paris was created: destruction and control.

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Mapping Script

Potential monumental locations are Projected across the city

Refined Mapping

Potential locations are refined and analysed

Final Locations

Monumental locations are decided and avenues are carved through the ity according to the individual logics of each monument.

Main Street USA

Disneyland Tokyo's Main Street USA has a monumental view framed by an idealised facade, the exterior in the interior. The Printemps has an idealised facade, but the action of the cut creates the monumental view and the new relationship between the interior and the extiror. It also pulls back the curtain of the ideal revealing the banal.

Cut outs

The floor space lost are replaced in the idealised corners of the etoile. The mask hides the unideal reality behind.

Haussmannian Cut

The Haussmannian unit is cut revealing the lives

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower lands in the fabric crashing through houses.

Grands Magasins

The Printemps is cut creating new space, taken over by the destitute, contrasted with the bourgeois of the city.


The Courtyards are cut through creating a human zoo.


A cut extends bellow the level of the ground revealing the forgotten, Suburban residents who travel to Paris to serve the tourist and the Parisien.